Friday, 15 March 2013

My Rawsome (18th) Tea Party.

Something I've been waiting a long time for finally happened:

 I got to host a tea party. 

Not just any tea party either; it was a rawsome vegan tea party full of delicious uncooked treats home made by yours truly. Oh, I turned 18 too but that just isn't as exciting.

I basically did most of the preparation, from (un)cooking the feast, cleaning the house and styling the venue. While doing so I tried to reference the mad tea party in Alice in Wonderland, since that was my inspiration after all. Mismatched plates and tea cups, an empty jar of orange marmalade, Queen's pepper tarts, clocks, stacked books, a painted Cheshire cat.... You get the drift. 

I even personally labelled tea bags and set them 'round the table for each of my guests to prevent those awkward moments of sitting next to someone you don't know. Glad to say the guests were thrilled with own personalised organic green tea bags, and I don't blame them; I would've been excited too. Other teas I had on offer were peppermint, chai, lemongrass, loose leaf mango paradise, and some exotic ones from the Philippines like guyabano and guava.

Now on to what I was most excited about: the menu. Raw, mostly organic, and definitely good for you (and delicious too!) For the savouries I had unbaked several batches of sprouted buckwheat bread, which I topped with an assortment of sprouted hummus, herbed cream cheese, pesto, tomatoes and sprouts. Admittedly I'd made waaay too much of those, so now they're chilling in the freezer waiting to be eaten. Ialso made the Queen's pepper tarts with herbed cheese, kale chips (!!!), stuffed mushrooms(!!!!!), crudites and some dips. Lemme tell you, the kale chips and stuffed mushrooms have all those exclamation marks for a reason. That is, you need to make them ASAP. Like, now. After reading this. 

Dessert had just as much to choose from; gingernuts, fig and cardamom scones, cranberry and mandarin scones, carrot cake with cream cheese, triple velvet chocolate cake, banana hazelnut bites, fruit tarts, berry cheesecake and of course fresh fruit. Is your mouth watering yet?

Anyway, I figured I'd share some of these delicious recipes to you over the next few days since I love sharing what I've made in the kitchen. Favourites across the table with my few lady friends seem to have been the kale chips, stuffed mushrooms, and berry cheesecake. Personally my favourites were the kale chips, mushrooms and carrot cake. Mmmmm. Sadly I didn't have enough time to craft such a beautiful birthday cake, so instead I got mine from the amazing Little Bird Unbakery nearby.

Initially I expected most of my guests to be a bit skeptical about the food, since the last time I checked none of them were plant based inclined. But alas, that day I found out that one of the other friends is now transitioning to veganism after having seen enough animal rights videos. We even had an in depth convo about our reliance on processed food, chemicals, and drugs (ie. medicine). This definitely made my day; wooohoo, finally found someone I already knew that's hippie enough as me! She also gave me an Oxfam Unwrapped card, which I know I appreciate much more than material objects I don't need. If she ever finds this, thank you! :)

P.S. Now that I've written this I want to have some cake. 


  1. ARE YOU KIDDING!? This is absolutely stunning. Your friends are so lucky.

    xox, em

  2. wow, everything looks amazing! the set up is adorable!

  3. Amazing! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!