Saturday, 13 April 2013

Frozen Mango Graham Cake

Ciao mi amici! Okay, I have no idea why I just used Italian, but perhaps its due to my desire to go back to Italy. Anyway, I know its been a while since my last post (its only been one week, but still!) but alas, here's another omnomnom worthy dessert. It was a childhood favourite of mine: frozen mango graham cake. 

Basically, it's a frozen graham cracker based dessert, layered with fresh mangoes and cashew cream. Did you know that original graham crakers were actually invented by a guy called Sylvester Graham, and that it's original ingredients were unbleached wheat flour with wheat gram and wheat germ? Meanwhile, fast forward to modern day and its made with refined sugar and bleached white flour. Okay, enough history lessons from me.

As you can see, I actually made multiple versions of the same thing. For one, I have a container full that isn't in the photo because I'm taking it to a pot luck tonight. The said pot luck is on in Auckland every month, and it's always full of inspiration in terms of food so we'll see how it goes. I also made some aged cranberry and macadamia cheese for tonight, but that is still a project in its experimentation stage. Speaking of which, I should go now so I don't arrive late! 

Frozen Mango Graham Cake

Raw Graham Crackers:
2C soaked and dehydrated buckwheat
1C walnuts
1/2C coconut
4T mesquite
4T coconut nectar
9 Medjool dates
2t vanilla
A tiny pinch of sea salt

Process the buckwheat and walnuts in a food processor until ground into a fine meal. Add in the coconut, mesquite, vanilla and coconut nectar, and pulse until combined. Add in the dates until the mixture begins to stick. Sprinkle in a touch of sea salt. 

Spread the mixture evenly onto a tray, and press into the tray until the mixture is about 3-5mm thin. Cut into rectangles, and dehydrate overnight.

Cashew Cream:
2C cashews, soaked for at least 2 hours
1/2C water
1/4C coconut nectar
2t vanilla
1/4t salt
1/3C coconut oil

Combine everything but the coconut oil in the blender until smooth. Add in the coconut oil and blend again. Set aside.

4 mangoes, cut into strips

To put it together:
Start off with a layer of graham crackers, followed by a layer of cream, then top with mangoes. Repeat the same pattern until all the mixture is finished. Remember to end with the cream on top. Sprinkle with ground up graham crackers and walnuts. Nom.