Sunday, 28 April 2013

Uni + Recipe.

Hi there, folks! I am so so sorry for not posting a lot lately- it's getting into that time of the year where architecture students don't get much sleep/food/exercise thanks to EVERYTHING being due in a month. A final design, experimental drawings, renovation assignments, critical writing... And a test/exam. I will however try to create something at least once a week for you guys. Aaaanyway...

I recently made these zucchini/courgette+vegetable rolls with a spicy almond butter sauce. I felt like something tasty and fresh, and immediately thought of fresh spring rolls- minus the rice paper wrapper, although those can be nice too. 

I filled mine with julienned carrots, cucumbers, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, mint, cilantro and the almond butter sauce, but the great thing about these is that you can fill 'em up with whatever you please or whatever is in season. Mmmm imagine having some mangoes in these rolls... Deeelicious. 
On a side note, I recently read that you aren't supposed to eat commercially sold sprouts (alfalfa, mung bean, etc) raw as bacterial contamination can occur. Apparently raw sprouts also contain a toxin, canavanine, which could attack the immune system if eaten in large quantities. Of course I'd love to grow my own, but that's something I'm working towards. Any thoughts? 

Zucchini + Vegetable Rolls with Spicy Almond Sauce

Zucchini rolls:
1 medium zucchini, cut into thin rollable strips
1 carrot, julienned
1 cucumber, julienned
1/2 avocado, diced
Bunch of cilantro
Bunch of mint
Sprouts of your choice (alfalfa, mung bean, broccoli, etc)

1/4C almond butter
2T lime or lemon juice
3T coconut amino sauce, tamari or nama shoyu
2T liquid sweetener
1t ginger
1/3C to 1/2C water
Pinch of cayenne (optional if you want it spicy)

Simply combine everything for the sauce. You can do it in a blender if you want a smoother consistency, but whisking it in a bowl is just as good. Taste it and adjust as you please. 

To arrange the rolls, take a strip of zucchini and carefully place a leaf each (or more if you prefer) of the mint and cilantro. Add in some of the julienned vegetables, avocado and sprouts. Drizzle a small amount of the spicy almond sauce before carefully rolling it up. You can hold the rolls together using a toothpick, or you can do it the more sustainable way by arranging the rolls on the plate strategically.

Keep repeating until you end up with as many rolls as you'd like, then generously drizzle more of the spicy almond sauce on top. Mmm.

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