Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mandarin Carrot Cake with Lemon Cream

Ahhh finally, I've had time to create another recipe. This time I wanted to challenge myself to create raw 'macarons,' but as you can see it did not turn out exactly as planned. However, since this is raw food we're talking about you can't really go wrong- so I turned it into a layered cake instead. A mandarin carrot cake with lemon cream to be exact.

Since the cake is mostly made up of carrots, you really can't feel guilty eating it. I added mandarins to it too just because I could. Nothing wrong with extra vitamin C and vitamin A right? 

Since I added some turmeric in the lemon cream to brighten the colour, it added a hint of gingery taste. Mmmm ginger, why didn't I think of that in the first place?

Mandarin Carrot Cake with Lemon Cream

Mandarin carrot cake:
3 medium carrots, grated 
4 mandarins, peeled
1/3C dates or liquid sweetener
4T coconut oil
Handful of walnuts

Lemon cream:

1C cashews, soaked for at least 2 hours
Juice of 2 lemons
2T liquid sweetener (although I wouldn't recommend coconut nectar; the flavour is too strong)
4T coconut oil
Just enough water to blend

For the carrot cake, ensure that as much juice from the grated carrots have been squeezed out. Combine all the ingredients for the cake in a food processor, and process until well combined. Form into whatever shape you want. If it is a bit too wet, add a bit more walnuts or alternatively dehydrate for a couple of hours. 

To make the lemon cream, blend everything but the coconut oil. Once very smooth, add the coconut oil. To brighten the colour, add some turmeric powder. This really depends on how much colour or gingery taste you want to add. I think I must've added around 1/2 teaspoon. Set aside.

Start with a carrot cake layer, and put a dollop of cream on top. Build up each of the layers whatever way you'd like. Top with cranberries and walnuts. 


  1. These look really good. Sometimes the best recipes can come from "mistakes"

    1. Thanks! :)

      That is too true, sometimes its even better than what we expected in the first place.