Friday, 12 July 2013

More Ice Cream!

Whoever said ice cream for brunch is not a good idea is seriously missing out. Just sayin'. 

 The inspiration for my choice of flavour today might not be common to most people, although it seems to be quite popular here in Manila: black sesame. I myself had it for the very first time after devouring some delicious bibimbap at Corner Tree Cafe. Lemme tell you, after the first spoonful I felt like high fiving whoever invented the flavour, because it was pretty darn good. And why wouldn't it be? Bananas and tahini taste quite amazing together. 

And thus, the lazy version of black sesame ice cream is born: tahini ice cream! I used regular tahini as it was what I had on hand, but if you're fortunate enough to have access to black tahini, then by all means use it.  Mmm, perfect post workout treat. 

Before I post the recipe, I'd just like to warn you that I probably won't be posting for the next two to three weeks. I'll be going on a family holiday to Paris and Barcelona, so if any of the readers out there have any suggestions regarding where to eat or what else to do (as if there isn't enough to do already, haha), please feel free to leave a comment. :)

Also, because of the temporariness of my stay here, I've turned my bedroom into my photographing corner. Hah. I could've done it in the lounge or the dining room, but thanks to our next door neighbours we get very little natural sunlight in those areas. Boo. I want my sun. Besides, I'm pretty sure what they're doing is against the building code anyway...

I don't wish to bore you any longer, so here you go.

Tahini Ice Cream

1C frozen bananas
3-4t tahini

Blend everything until smooth. Omnomnom.

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